Project Title

Opake Guam - eCommerce web design (demo)

Services Provided

Website Design

Website Development

Project Completion Time

6 weeks

This epic Case Study summed up in one sentence.

Ecommerce website made for local clothing brand gets visitors to purchase more products through fun and interactive design style.

Detailed Summary

(This project was done as a demonstration to showcase our Ecommerce Website Design and Development process.)

Opake Guam is a retail boutique for apparel, urban art, and skate goods inspired by Guam's culture and lifestyle. We wanted to help them improve their website’s design and functionality, for a more comfortable and easy to understand digital experience. Our main objective was to create a unique and memorable digital storefront to help increase sales of their clothes and accessories. 

Our biggest challenge was integrating and setting up all the Ecommerce features and functionality into the website. We needed to make publishing and changing product information easy enough for Opake to do by themselves. We had to set-up product categories, product variants (size, color, etc.), and product image placement through Webflow’s Ecommerce integration. Additionally, a dynamic Cart button needed to be added throughout the website, it was carefully designed to be able to show the number of items customers added to their cart.

Aside from the Ecommerce functionality of the website, we focused much of our efforts towards animation and motion graphics. Our market research revealed that motion graphics helped to make Ecommerce clothing websites much more memorable and favorable. We decided to make the website very fun and interactive, instead of being static and passive. This can be seen in the dynamic Hero Sections, the use of horizontal scrolling in the Home Page, and the interactive FAQ section - just to name a few examples.

The Final Outcome

The final result of our Ecommerce Website Design and Development service was a much more interesting and captivating digital storefront for Opake Guam, aimed at leading visitors through an entertaining journey to have them end up purchasing more products.

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